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September 2020

I hope that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, you have had time to take a break during this Summer.  Most have opted to spend their holidays in Malta perhaps, although the respite with low number of local COVID cases was indeed quite short. The uncertainty factor remains high, as we witness a new local surge of COVID-19 cases after the government lifted pandemic restrictions and with the consequent re-opening of air travel and entertainment venues in early July.  Many argue with hindsight that things could have been done better.  Although a second wave was probably inevitable, political foresight could perhaps have kept the numbers of COVID-19 low. How could the policy makers even conceive to hold large mass gatherings, mixing tourists and local people, with no precautionary measures whatsoever during a world-wide pandemic?  Pandemics are akin to a haemostatic or endocrine system.  No gland can function on its own account.  If a gland malfunctions and produces too much hormone C-19, the other glands respond by suppressing its activity.  Many European countries have now placed travel restrictions on neighbouring countries with a significant per capita rise in COVID-19 cases, including Malta.

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