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Heart Perfusion Scan

(MIBI Scan)


What does it involve?

The scan is in two parts which are usually done on different days- a rest part and a stress part. The stress can be simulated with a treadmill but if you cannot do this, certain drugs can be used  to speed up the heart rate. Whilst the stress test is happening, the radioactive tracer will be injected through a vein. You will then be told to lie on a bed and to stay still while a Gamma camera stays close to your body to record images of your heart.   The rest part of the scan is similar without having to do any exercise but you will need to have a break of up to 3 hours after your injection.


You will be instructed to fast for 4 hours before and avoid foods, drinks and medications containing caffeine for a time before your scan. PLEASE CHECK THE LABELS OF ANY FOOD OR MEDICATION. You may be given a list of medications that you are allowed to stop before your scan.

Do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol from midnight till the time of your scan. Avoid strenuous exercise the day before the scan. Please ensure you attend the stress part of the test wearing suitable gym wear.

Men should shave their chest hair prior to the scan.


What is it used for?

This scan is used to look at the blood flow of the heart and how it functions under stress or exercise when investigating chest pain.


For more information please visit this link.

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